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StratObserve is developed and maintained by Zachary (Zac) Lawrence. Zac is a PhD candidate in the physics department at New Mexico Tech, and his research focuses on the dynamics of the stratospheric polar vortex (specifically on vortex preconditioning), and how the vortex can influence surface weather and climate. This site is primarily a result of his keen interest in polar vortex behavior, and he hopes that others will find it useful.

Since Zac is busy trying to finish his PhD, there is no guarantee this site will stay active should any issues arise, especially if the time and/or costs become prohibitive.

Terms of Use

All images on StratObserve are free to share, but if you use them on other websites within blogs, articles, etc., please reference StratObserve.

Embedding content directly from StratObserve is not allowed.

Planned updates

  • Website "facelift"
  • FAQ page discussing/explaining various diagnostics & plots
  • Better support for mobile devices
  • EP-Flux (+ divergence) cross sections overlaid on zonal winds
  • Polar processing diagnostics
  • Time series with anomalies


Thanks to Dr. Hannah Attard for the encouragement to put together a site back at AMS CMA 2017. Thanks also to Dr. Alan Brammer for developing the image looper that the first iteration of StratObserve uses.


Please submit comments, questions, and bug reports to zdlawrence@stratobserve.com